The first of its kind.

With more ways than ever to workout, for fitness, fun, at home, in the park and at the gym, Baktuli was founded by Henry Mah to create and deliver a premium quality, hygienic and stylish cotton towel, because nothing like it existed. Sports apparel, footwear and equipment had all developed in leaps and bounds, it was time the towel, essential for every workout, matched up. As a hot yoga devotee, Henry found that the towels he used for practice picked up stubborn smell that couldn't be washed away easily. Trying all different products including those made of microfiber to avoid this problem without success, he discovered that many gym-goers, athletes and yogis were also seeking a towel that stayed fresh and looked stylish; so he set out on a journey to find one.

Quality, style and a little fun.

Baktuli was born and went global to design and deliver a cutting-edge product made from high quality materials and workmanship, together with a little fun of course! Inspirational and quirky quotations inspired from popular culture are featured in Baktuli designs because we believe in the powerful mind-body connection and being in the present moment. Launched during the 2010 Winter Olympics, a celebration of top-class athleticism, the Baktuli collection has gone on to be carried by many high-end lifestyle stores and yoga studios across North America. Additional styles are being developed; crafted with the same innovation and eye for quality that has become our calling card and continuing to display the positive values that inspired Baktuli in the first place.