Dr. Oz's The Good Life
April 2016

Baktuli's Let's Get Physical workout towel represented in Dr. Oz's The Good Life magazine for the April issue! The article is on setting up your home gym.

Inside Outdoor Magazine
Baktuli is a premium line of bright and beautiful cotton towels created specifically for athletics. Perfect for your yoga, cardio workout or simply sunbathing in style, the soft and luxurious towels feature Microban technology and are woven with premium Turkish cotton, making them anti-microbial, absorbent and highly functional. Inspiring phrases in Baktuli designs enhance the mind-body connection. SRP is $25. magazine

July 2012

Working Up a Sweat
Stretch out and relax on one of Baktuli's cheery towels. Roll it up and take it a long to a hot yoga class at Bikram or WestCoast, as the cotton towels fit perfectly over mats and are anti-microbial to ward off any foul smells that come from sweating. If you prefer to get your Zen on outside, this 1.8 m (5.8 ft) long beach blanket offers a bright backdrop on which to perfect your beach bod. What elsse sets Baktuli apart from the rest? Towels are designed in Canada, machine washable, super absorbent and printed with fun phrases: Some Like it Hot, I Heart Yoga, Love Energy Happiness. Buy yours online at, or head to Moulé or any Bikram studio.
February 2011

One designer, Henry Mah, is the creator of  Baktuli – The Original Style Towel (and P.S. there are a lot of copy cats out there – but Baktuli is the IT brand!).  His designs both inspire, delight and always make us smile every time we use them.  The towels perform wonderfully in every way while still being created and manufactured with the environment in mind  and all that we as yogis deem important.  That’s because of the passion within Henry and his spirit which lies behind all that Baktuli represents.
February 2011

Baktuli makes hot yoga towels that are durable and ideal for the hot yoga girl or guy. It is super soft and really absorbent. This particular towel says "Some like it hot". Indeed. It IS in giving that we receive and this towel is a reminder of the good things that happen when you put yourself out there and do what you love.
July 2010

A couple of months ago I met the always charming and lovely Henry Mah at a tea room to talk towels, yoga, and unity on and off the mat. Being a Vancouver-based yogi, artist and entrepreneur, Henry isn't one of those people I see often. But whenever I do, he always exudes a warmth...
May 2010

A stinky, slippery towel is dogging our downward-facing dog.

So we were pleased as Prana to hear about Baktuli yoga towels. Designed by Henry Mah, a Vancouver visual artist and yoga enthusiast, the mat-sized towels are anti-bacterial, absorbent and easy to grip. We love that they’re also emblazoned with mantras like “Some like it hot,” for Bikram believers and “Everything in its right place,” for those who pay reverence to Radiohead.

Here's a present for the human pretzel who has everything: new locally made Baktuli luxury towels also work as yoga mats. They're made to the same dimensions, with proper grip, and have antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and moisture-absorbing qualities.

Fashioned from lightweight Turkish cotton, they come in colours ranging from cool blues through sunny orange, with cutely philosophical sayings like "Some like it hot", and "Everything in its right place".

Downward dog, pigeon pose and warrior stance. Nothing feels better than releasing a days worth of frustration on the yoga mat. Some days are harder than others but with a Baktuli towel, you will be constantly inspired to keep going. Baktuli is a line of stylish, luxury towel designed in Canada using premium Turkish cotton. Protected with Microban technology the towels are anti-bacterial, stain resistant and moisture absorbent. The best part of the towels are the inscribed inspirational quotes like “Everything in it’s Right Place”, “Smile and Receive”, and “Some Like it Hot”. Get inspired, clear your mind and look great during your practice. magazine

March 2011

15 Things We Love About Vancouver

Luxurious anti+microbial yoga towels made by local company Baktuli. Each one sports a playful saying such as "Some like it hot". At Moule and Fine Finds.