How long plastic sticks around.

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When you buy a Baktuli yoga or workout towel, you’re not just investing in functional design and fine quality Turkish cotton - you are doing your part in helping keep the Earth eco-friendly. You see, most yoga towel manufacturers use microfiber which is essentially polyester. Yes some companies recycle pop bottles but the cycle is the same: plastic remolded. Microfiber or polyester will never break down and is toxic when incinerated at the dump. Baktuli uses 100% cotton which is biodegradable and even our organic based anti-microbial is biodegradable too. Our towels last longer than microfiber brands so there’s no need to replace as often. What you will get in the end is a soft, plush and comfortable towel that can be used in many situations and will last for years to come.

So the next time you throw away a yoga towel because it stinks from over-use, or you’re thinking about the yoga studio that tosses away hundreds of these rental towels every couple of months, please remember that there is one company out there producing a 100% biodegradable yoga towel, that’s us, Baktuli.

Baktuli is great for the summer months

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Baktuli is great for the summer months, it covers your entire body and it's easy to take to the beach or maybe practicing your yoga moves in the hot sun! Made of 100% Turkish cotton, the towel is easy to wash and can be used to dry off after a dip at the pool. So versatile, so easy!

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Baktuli’s Harder Better Faster Stronger 2015 New Year's giveaway!

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Baktuli would like to help you start your year off right by giving away 10 workout and yoga towel prizes to help your fitness resolutions! The rules are simple:

1) Join our facebook group:

2) Post a quote, written note and/or photograph from January 10th to January 20th, 2015 on your fitness, health goals or inspirations for this year. Often sharing your resolutions with others can help you attain that goal! 

On January 21st, Baktuli will pick 10 winners who have contributed to the goal setting. Creativity, originality or just speaking from the heart about why your resolution matters to you is considered for the prize draw.

Winners will receive one workout towel AND one yoga towel of YOUR CHOICE, a $70 retail value. Anyone can enter from any country, however the cost of shipping is not included. If we get more than 100 goals on our page, we will double the amount of prizes to 20 winners! Our product line up can be seen at

Baktuli towels are engineered out of a 100% biodegradable Turkish cotton to optimize your workout or yoga routine. Positive words woven into the towels keep you motivated day in, day out. A biodegradable anti-microbial helps to keep your practice free from germs and bacteria in public gyms and studios. These features make Baktuli the industry’s most versatile and eco-friendly yoga / workout towel in the market. 

Share this post if you think other’s may benefit!

Why I love Yin Yoga and Child's pose

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Over the past decade and a half of doing yoga, I have experienced great joy in my practice. Although I am not a teacher and haven’t guided a class, I know what my body likes which puts into relevancy that a persons personal practice should be the only benchmark of a successful exercise regime, not what everybody else is doing. 

I have tried many forms of yoga and for the most part each practice adds a bit more depth to my understanding of the benefits of yoga, not to mention proper technique. As I get older, having suffered a couple car accidents and watching an older generation get less limber, I can’t help but express my love for yin yoga. I discovered it almost 10 years ago and I have cherished the practice ever since. Yin yoga has many benefits which I’m sure you are aware of: stretching the fascia tissues to allow greater movement for the muscles, a more meditative practice, a moment of silence in what often is a hectic day. 

Aside from this, there are things in yin that I find of great merit which you don’t often see in other classes: 

1)   The ability to completely surrender yourself. I’ve had yin yoga classes where the teacher for 2 hours will turn off the lights, ask us to close our eyes and let the body be the guiding force. Especially in child’s pose, allowing the body to actively rest on the ground, our face planted to the surface, allowing the limbs to melt in a position that reverses the poor posture we carry throughout the day. Yin yoga is often a humbling process, which in turn allows you to appreciate things more in your daily life. Is it a coincidence that child’s pose is similar to praying in so many religions? Allowing one to be one with the earth has a literal effect of keeping grounded. Surrendering your mind and body is often difficult for most people, but like all things it gets better the more you practice. 

2)   The ability to think through and allow yourself moderate pain. During a good yin yoga class, some of those poses are pretty painful. To be fair, the tensed up muscles are bound with emotional energy, so not only are you hitting your tolerance for pain in that pose, often emotional stuff will come up as well. Allowing yourself to feel pain and allowing your mind to ease it is a powerful thing. It’s practicing to disconnect your reaction from your pain and emotional tolerance. This is your freedom that nobody can take away from you. Although this is an exaggerated example, Victor Frankl who wrote Man's Search for Meaning, knew this well.  

3)   Yin yoga is not a competitive sport, nor is there any ego attached to the outcome. In regular practice, you scan the room, see who’s wearing what, check yourself out in the mirror, adjust your pose to “look” better, see who has a better pose than you, see if the colours you are wearing match, judge the amount you are sweating and sometimes be harshly critical of yourself. Yin takes all that away. Your eyes are closed and all you think of is breathing. And the more you concentrate on breathing, the more like Nirvana it feels. Incidentally, Nirvana is a Sanskrit word, no doubt thousands of years ago our yogi forefathers felt the same with their practice. 

4)  The ability to revert back to a child. Other yoga classes often build strength, yin yoga allows you to be limber like your younger years. We associate memories with our endurance and physique during a period in our life. Perhaps it was the first time you jumped off a high diving board, when you hit a certain weight while weight lifting or the first time you ran a full marathon. We look back on old photos and think, I used to be able “to do this”. Yin yoga gives you the playfulness and memories of being a child: the times you rolled on your back in laughter, when you would put your legs behind your head, when you would fall asleep on the couch in fetal position hugging your blanket. Combined with the last point of losing your ego, yin yoga is really reverting back to pure innocence.  

If yin yoga is not part of your practice, I would suggest to try it out. If you’re starting, please be gentle with your first few practices. Often studios will have night classes which are perfect before you go to sleep. On a personal note, I have loved using the Baktuli towel for yin and so happy it is a regular part of this practice. Having a soft cotton and comfy odorless towel to work on allows you to concentrate on (and surrender to) what’s important in yin. However you practice, let the shine come from the inside out!

Shine like the whole universe is yours.  -Rumi


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New Baktuli workout towel reviewed by Karen Kwan of Health and Swellness

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Who sweats a lot? You? Me, too.

Sigh. I hate it. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I train for marathons through Toronto’s hot, humid summers.

It’s rare that I hit the gym (running takes up much of my time, but I’ll be hitting the gym more often — more details on that soon), but when I do, the new workout towels from Baktuli are my saviour — you’ll want one, too, if you’re as anti-sweat as I am.

They’re made of lightweight Turkish cotton, and feature Microban (so they resist the growth of bacteria and mildew). And the new Workout collection is shaped like a scarf (so it’s easy to throw around your neck, or drape on the workout bench).

What I really love, though? The sayings on them. When I saw the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger one, I had to have it (it’s often what I repeat to myself when I run — well, close to, I repeat “Harder, Fitter, Faster, Stronger,” when I’m having a tough moment or really trying to push myself to go faster). When I saw the Baktuli towel, I felt like it was meant to be.

The other towels are just as fun. We Can Work It Out and Let’s Get Physical – how’s that for a conversation starter with the hottie on the treadmill next to you? Prefer something more simple? Sporty stripes for you, then!

By Karen Kwan June 3, 2014.

Baktuli featured on

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Baktuli is featured on the Canadian website today, nice to get some press with such a great publication. Here is the article, enjoy!

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Baktuli has joined Everymove

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Baktuli has joined with Use your smartphone or fitness tracker to win rewards towards health products. This is a great way to stay motivated with your workouts and get prizes and rewards for keeping on track! Such a great idea and free to join. Currently this website works in the US customers only. 

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