How should I use Baktuli towels?
However you like! In our collection we have a range of towels that have been designed with yoga in mind, and a range ideal for your workout (the good stuff!), but they don't have to be confined to the gym or studio. Antimicrobial properties, bold colours and positive sayings make them great for travel, hanging out at the beach or for the home.

What does Baktuli mean?
Baktuli (Bak-too-li) is easy to pronounce. Bhakti in Sanskrit is "devotion / love", and Tuli is an Indian slang for towel, so it is your devotional towel. 

Why do you use cotton instead of microfiber?
We use cotton as it's natural, it feels fab on the skin and it wears well over time; simple! Microfiber is essentially a polyester, which means that it does not break down naturally and it tends to retain odor.

Why do you have positive sayings on your designs?
We believe positive thought is a powerful thing. A gentle reminder of good things start to change how we feel about ourselves and our relationships with others. It can also be just the kick you need when you are working out and give you an extra boost!

How do I take care of this towel?
Regular washer and dryer is just fine. Wash in cool or warm water, tumble dry on low. Wash colours separately, and avoid using a fabric softener, bounce sheet or dryer ball.

Are Baktuli yoga towels good for grip?
Baktuli yoga towels have been designed for yoga practice: the height of the pile, weave and weight of the cotton have been carefully considered for grip and absorbency. Our yoga towel is optimal for hot and sweaty yoga.