I love my Baktuli workout towel! Not only is it the nicest looking towel at the gym but I can easily throw it around my neck as a scarf for easy carrying to/from my workout. My favourite part of the towel is the different colours on each side - I let the lighter side touch the gym equipment and use the darker side on my skin so I never have to worry about germs!

Kristine Kakuno - Nutritionist and Bar Method instructor


I am passionate about Capoeira (a brazilian martial art) and train 3-5 days per week. I use my Baktuli towel for every workout. On the way to and from the academy, it makes a great scarf to keep me warm. Every time I pull it out someone asks me about it. It's small and compact to throw in my purse, yet big and absorbent enough for what I need. It's perfect.

Heather Blaise - Owner of www.modelodecor.com


As a Personal Trainer and Small Group Fitness Instructor I live in workout gear and I am always looking for functional, stylish additions to my ever growing collection. My newest addition is the amazing Baktuli towel. I love my new Baktuli towel because its functional, stylish, soft and keeps me warm and dry. I can't wait for the new styles and inspirational messages coming this summer!

Christina Bombelli - Personal Trainer and WBFF pro


First off I just wanted to write and say how your towel has changed my bikram yoga practice for the better. It's so hard being in that heated room that every little thing can become an annoyance and a distraction, especially when your towel is crumpling up and the material can feel itchy and uncomfortable under your feet. I first started off with a normal beach towel and was getting so frustrated until I discovered another product called Yogitoes. I loved the little grips underneath and thought "Wow I have reached yoga heaven." I didn't mind so much that it wasn't super comfortable to lay on once we were on the floor series because my towel didn't move anymore! Then, something amazing happened. I walked into a store in Portland and found your towels. Finally a yoga towel that doesn't move and feels like I'm standing on a pillow. I can't even describe how comfortable and luxurious it feels. The bonus is that it doesn't get stinky and soaks up all the sweat! So, thank you Baktuli!

Breanne Bergs - Yogi and TV personality


My Baktuli towel is the softest yoga towel I've come across. I love a little luxury, especially now in yoga class.

Evangeline Duy - Instructor, Neomama


I first used my Baktuli towel in Bikram class and I liked it a LOT – certainly better than Yogitoes, and much less bulky and messy than an actual towel. I then used the towel for a Hot Power Fusion/Vinyasa class and it was equally fab! Now I use it in every hot class I take, I am really happy with it!!

Ellie Feldman - Instructor, CorePower Yoga


I love to sweat when I practice, but I don't want to smell it the next time. With Baktuli's anti-microbial design the towel stays fresh for every class.

David Paetkau - Actor, Flashpoint


I absolutely love my Baktuli towel. I would call it my yoga towel but I find I use it for so much more than that. If I'm meditating, or even stretching after the gym, it's the perfect size for anything, not to mention how soft it is. I also find that I don't slip as much in my yoga classes because of its perfect size (and you're not left in pigeon pose with your face up against the floor wondering when the last time they washed it was) your towel covers you from head to toe perfectly. Because of this, every time I use it people are always coming up to me asking me where I got it. Thanks Baktuli, I love it!

Serinda Swan - Actor, Graceland


I LOVED your hot yoga towel. i found it to be very absorbent which is necessary for hot yoga, i also appreciated that it fit over my mat exactly, eliminating the need for an extra towel. the bright color and phrase (i have the orange "some like it hot" towel) give it originality and personality. it's much better for hot yoga than Yogitoes, which are not soft or plush enough for hot yoga.

Kitty Orient - eryt-200, Hot yoga teacher training director
CorePower Yoga, Minnesota


There are few items that my boyfriend and I fight over, but my Baktuli towel is definitely one of them! I'd prefer it was reserved strictly for me and my yoga classes but he likes to take it with him to the gym & the beach.  It's large enough for him and soft enough for me. And bonus for both of us, it doesnt get stinky like other towels. Thank you Baktuli.
Sarah Karst - Owner, Sweet Harriet Design Co