Baktuli’s Harder Better Faster Stronger 2015 New Year's giveaway!

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Baktuli would like to help you start your year off right by giving away 10 workout and yoga towel prizes to help your fitness resolutions! The rules are simple:

1) Join our facebook group:

2) Post a quote, written note and/or photograph from January 10th to January 20th, 2015 on your fitness, health goals or inspirations for this year. Often sharing your resolutions with others can help you attain that goal! 

On January 21st, Baktuli will pick 10 winners who have contributed to the goal setting. Creativity, originality or just speaking from the heart about why your resolution matters to you is considered for the prize draw.

Winners will receive one workout towel AND one yoga towel of YOUR CHOICE, a $70 retail value. Anyone can enter from any country, however the cost of shipping is not included. If we get more than 100 goals on our page, we will double the amount of prizes to 20 winners! Our product line up can be seen at

Baktuli towels are engineered out of a 100% biodegradable Turkish cotton to optimize your workout or yoga routine. Positive words woven into the towels keep you motivated day in, day out. A biodegradable anti-microbial helps to keep your practice free from germs and bacteria in public gyms and studios. These features make Baktuli the industry’s most versatile and eco-friendly yoga / workout towel in the market. 

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